GHOSTED is the suspenseful story of an unusual love affair that bridges two cultures and two cities.


The sudden death in unexplained circumstances of her young Taiwanese lover Ai-ling throws Hamburg artist Sophie Schmitt totally off balance. She travels to Taipei to exhibit a video installation dedicated to Ai-ling. On the opening night, Sophie is approached by a pushy journalist, Mei-li, who takes her on a trip to the famous Taipei night markets and tries to seduce the grieving artist. But Sophie rejects her and returns to Hamburg.


Shortly thereafter, Mei-li turns up on Sophie’s doorstep unannounced. Soon, Sophie realizes that Mei-li is secretly investigating Ai-ling’s death. A series of strange happenings and sudden flashes of recollection unsettle Sophie. Then she discovers that the Taiwanese newspaper that Mei-Li claims to work for has never heard of her and that nobody by that name has ever entered Germany.

So who is this mysterious woman?


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